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Steven Stone ([personal profile] whisperingsteel) wrote on December 3rd, 2008 at 12:51 pm
[IC] Didn't it Rain?
As Steven walks through the forest, heading back home, the rain that has been falling endlessly the past few days eases up slightly into just a light drizzle. He turns his attention skywards, watching as it ceases completely. The sky is still dull, but somehow, the rain stopping feels like a sign of hope to him.

Thank goodness... The rain was cold...

He treads carefully- the forest floor is covered in wet leaves and he doesn't want to slip. He hopes he's heading in the right direction, too. He's trying to move as quickly as he can whilst still saying safe. After all, hadn't he promised to Riley that he would...?

Silently, he momentarily curses himself for not bringing Havana or Vienna with him. In fact, he's pretty sure the only Pokemon on him are Ankara and Cairo.

That's alright... I'll just have to walk.

In his mind, he tries hard to plan exactly what it is he will say to Steven when he returns. He'll have to apologise. A lot. This much he's certain of. He'll have to reassure him that he loves him more than anything. But after that, he's not sure what to say. He remembers back to his discussion with Riley and decides saying something like that would work.

Sometimes these things are best left unplanned, I guess...

Climbing over a large, fallen branch, Steven carries on heading swiftly for home...
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