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Steven Stone ([personal profile] whisperingsteel) wrote on December 4th, 2008 at 09:20 pm
[IC] Landfall and Broken Promises
Steven is almost home by now. Like before, he's soaked and cold and tired, but he is nearly home.

He is stood on a fairly steep hill and in the distance, he can see home. The rain is falling heavily once more, making the leaves on the ground slippery and sending flows of mud and debris down the hill.

I just have to get down this hill...

Steven takes a few cautious steps down the hill, his pace increasing faster than he intended.

He puts one foot wrong and slips, tripping face first into the mud. The impact of his fall dislodges a large amount of liquid mud, leaves and several branches, triggering a mudslide. As the incline of the hill is quite sharp, the mud flows fast, dangerously. As it goes, it picks up momentum, pulling down more debris in the form of rocks and branches.

Steven tries to get to his feet again, as the landslide drags him down. It's impossible though, and it drags him all the way down to the bottom of the hill, throwing him around roughly.

By the time he reaches the bottom of the hill, in a flood of running mud, he is practically unconscious from the impact and the slippery drag down. He is covered in mud and the debris falling with him has injured him- he is covered in cuts and bruises and his right arm is sticking out at an unnatural angle.

Steven lies still for a long time. He tries to get back up, but putting pressure on his right arm is agony. He cries out in pain and falls back again, gasping for breath after the intense pain. After a while, he tries to get up with his left arm for support, but something inside stings with a sharp pain as he does. He winces and again, ends up getting no where.

W-what am I going to do...? I... I can't get up...

He lies in the mud, shivering with the cold and with pain for a long time.

Eventually, somehow, he gets an idea. He manages to fish one of the few Pok├ęballs he has in a pocket out and releases Cairo.

Cairo... Please... Get help. Fetch Steven. Hurry... please...

The canine nods and dashes off with incredible speed. Steven lies still in the mud, practically on the point of passing out.

He waits.
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