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Steven Stone ([personal profile] whisperingsteel) wrote on February 24th, 2009 at 10:15 pm
Steven sits by the window seat, watching the sky overhead and the world go by as he is so fond of doing. Rey is curled up on his lap, though not asleep.

The sky he's watching right now is growing darker, as the sun has sunk below the horizon but twilight is not quite over yet. The sky covers the world in an inverted bowl of pink and purple and steel blue. Where the clouds catch the light, they seem to be literally lined with silver. In the distance, he can make out a flock of small birds in silhouette, flying inland. Possibly Starly or Wingull, he thinks to himself.

He turns his attention to the Glaceon beside him. His shimmery fur shines pinkish-grey in the dim, dying light of the evening and Steven runs his fingers through it, admiring the length and softness of it. Rey shifts slightly with a soft purr, before leaning against him happily.

As he looks down at little fox, he catches sight of the engagement ring on his finger. Holding his hand up, he admires the ring for a while, smiling softly as he remembers everything that happened because of it.

No matter what happened, this ring carries an interesting story, doesn't it...?

He touches the ring briefly, then looks down at the egg on his lap. It is wrapped up carefully in a thick white blanket, to incubate it. Steven peels away some of the blanket to have a look at the egg. It isn't moving or doing anything yet, but he wasn't really expecting it to be. Giratina only gave it to him a few days ago and some eggs take a lot longer than others to hatch. Holding the egg close, he rubs the shell of it gently with the blanket, just to keep it nice and warm.

I hope you hatch soon, little Sableye. I want to be able to welcome you into the world. It's exciting when a Pokémon egg hatches...!

Turning his attention back to the twilit sky, Steven leans against the window with Rey and the egg snuggled beside him.
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