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Steven Stone ([personal profile] whisperingsteel) wrote on March 30th, 2009 at 03:12 am
[IC] Memory in Music- The Song of Sinnoh

[As if he is looking for something, Steven is rummaging around in his black shoulder bag. It isn't easy to tell what he is actually looking for, if anything. Strewn across the floor are various belongings of his that usually reside in his bag- his camera, a stack of photographs, various rocks and stones and a small blue towel, and-]

What's this...?

[He fishes something out of the very bottom of his bag, something he'd forgotten was in there. It is tear-drop shaped and about the size of his palm. The item has the appearance of being wooden and is ridged; the colour is a bark-like brown and it has a nutty kind of texture to it. Drilled into it are several holes and it has the remains of a dried stalk at one end.]

Oh! This is...!

...The Chilan Berry whistle Steven picked up in Sinnoh. Chilan Berries are said to protect a Pokémon holding one from the effects of Normal-typed attacks. They are native only to the Sinnoh region and are hard to come by.

Steven remembers picking some up from Pastoria City and then discovering later, whilst in the city, that they could be cored out, dried and turned into a whistle. Actually, judging by the multiple holes in it, the instrument is much closer to being an ocarina.

[Steven smiles and turns it over in his hands, admiring it and trying to remember some of the simple tunes he learnt to play when he had it turned into an instrument. He raises it to his lips and blows through it. The Berry makes a strange, almost haunting sound, like wind through an old hollow tree.

He frowns slightly as he remembers one of the tunes. As it comes back to him, he puts the things he pulled out back in his bag, whatever he was doing is now forgotten as he focuses on the Chilan Berry. Holding the Berry, he goes and sits in the window seat, then starts to play a tune.

The song is short and he misses a few notes, but it's a pretty tune that sounds like the wind through autumnal trees and pine trees up by the snow line on high mountains. It carries back memories of cold, crisp mornings and brief, warm, Hoennian breezes on the coastline of Sinnoh; the scent of fresh meadow flowers and earthy coal from deep underground.

Steven stops playing when he reaches the end of the tune and sighs a little, smiling and looking out of the window.]

This tune reminds me too much of Sinnoh and of travelling...

[He puts his hand on the glass and looks up at the sky.]

It's been such a long time since I went travelling properly and I do need to find Steven something for his birthday...

Maybe... Just maybe... He'd let me go, at least for a while... I ought to ask...

[With that thought in mind, Steven sits and admires the Berry in his hands, trying to remember some more of the songs he learnt.]
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