whisperingsteel: (smile)
Steven Stone ([personal profile] whisperingsteel) wrote on April 3rd, 2009 at 12:05 am
Tweets for today
  • 00:29 You know yesterday I said it was cold because it's only March? I lied, it's April. #
  • 00:29 Might go to bed soon, it's getting sort of late. #
  • 02:32 ...Shouldn't be awake making a toasted sandwich, but I am. I do this frequently and I think it drives poor Steven a little bit nuts <3 #
  • 09:09 Ngh... I love you, Garnet, but you're the world's worst wake up call. Please get off my kidneys. #
  • 09:11 Okay, that's the Absol off me. I'm going back to sleep. #
  • 19:16 I got up about two hours after I kicked Garnet off the bed. And then I got dressed and I baked a gooey chocolate cake :) #
  • 19:27 The cake was good, I think Steven enjoyed it! #
  • 21:41 I'm making a cup of tea! Yame Green, mmm. #
  • 21:43 The 'e' in Yame is supposed to have an accent on it, but Twitter won't let me use it. That's sort of silly. #
  • 22:14 Brb, Steven is naked~ #
  • 22:18 @iheartrocks: P-please! #
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