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Steven Stone ([personal profile] whisperingsteel) wrote on April 13th, 2009 at 01:36 pm
[IC] Setting Off
*The morning had started off grey and dewy, but by the time Steven arrived in the Meeting Area to collect Jirachi, the sun had started to break through the clouds and the spring flowers were opening.

With the Wishing Star floating alongside him, he wanders away from the field and out towards the coastline, treading familiar ground. Although- he hasn't actually been this way in some time.

The sea is a bright, crystal blue this morning, matching the cloudless, pure sky perfectly. It's so calm, it's almost like a perfect liquid mirror, so calm and motionless. The sun is just warm enough to take away the chill, but Steven wears his red scarf even still, fluttering in the morning breeze behind him.

He smiles slightly as he spots a familiar house in the distance- the one he used to live in, the one Riley now occupies. Remembering how he let his best man have the house after he'd moved out, he smiles and heads to the front door.

Knocking on it sharply, he wonders if he's the first visitor Riley has had at this house...*
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