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[OOC] Steven's Profile

♣ Name: Steven Stone (Daigo Tsuwabuki, ダイゴ ツワブキ)
♣ Name meaning: The name 'Steven' is derived from the Greek for 'crown'. 'Stone' is a very old English surname, denoting the obvious of a geographical feature. Together, it could possibly be a reference to Saint Stephen, who was stoned to death, as well as his place as Champion- the 'crown' of any Pokémon trainer.

The name 'Daigo' can translate to 'the fifth' or 'great wisdom', both of which could refer to his position as Champion. However, the kana is written differently, so it is likely here used simply as a name.
'Tsuwabuki' is a kind of flower- specifically, the Farfugium japonicum, ligularia or 'green leopard' plant. Tsuwabuki plants flower in remote rocky cliffs and are a happy yellow in colour. They flower in late November. 'Tsuwabuki' also contains the word 'stone'.
♣ Age: 23
♣ Birthday and star sign: 27th November. His star sign is Sagittarius and in Chinese astrology, the Wood Ox.
♣ Blood Type: B (Said to be outgoing and individualistic)
♣ Height: 5'6"/ 167cm
♣ Weight: Around 150lb/ 68kg

Nature: Naive
Characteristic: Strong willed

♣ Known family members: Father (name hasn't been revealed), mother (Rosetta Stone, deceased.), Steven Stone (dimensional double, husband)
♣ Sexuality: Bisexual, possibly leaning more towards homosexual. However, he only really has eyes for Steven.

♣ Interests: Geology, cake baking, photography, Pokémon raising, training (and recently, breeding), collecting rare stones and travelling.
♣ Colours: Purple, red, black and steel blue.
♣ Favourite possession: The blue diamond pendant that Steven gave him.
♣ Favourite food: Lemon cake, toasted cheese sandwiches, yamé green tea.
♣ Least favourite food: Most kinds of seafood
♣ Special skills: Speaking somewhat poetically, photography and listening to people talk about their problems.
♣ Has trouble with: People who want to catch Legendaries, Teams Aqua and Magma, staying civil to people he dislikes, taking responsibility (for promises made, things lost, things he should be doing), dealing with the thought of what happened in Hoenn.
♣ Habits: Fidgeting with his scarf or pendant when nervous, talking perhaps too much. He also prefers not to wear underwear in the summer, for whatever reason.

♣ History: Steven is the only child of wealthy parents and the heir to Devon Corp, the leading manufacturer of pharmaceuticals in Hoenn. He was born in Mossdeep City and lived there for the entire time he was in Hoenn. His childhood was happy up until his mother passed away when he was about seven.

Steven still remains uncertain what exactly it was she died of- he decided not to find out, in case he was carrying the illness she had, too. He chose not to know, as he would rather live his life to the full in ignorance than be constantly worrying he was running out of time.

After the death of his mother up until he left on his own Pokémon journey, Steven's life was quiet and somewhat uneventful. He went to school (and frequently skipped class so he could go and look for rocks instead) and carried on baking from the recipes he learned from his mother.

He caught his first Pokémon at age fifteen- a downy young Skarmory somewhere east of Fallarbor town in the ash fields. After that, he decided to go on a Pokémon journey like other youngsters his age. He found he had a natural talent for battling and raising Pokémon and had soon managed to obtain all eight Hoenn Gym badges. Steven took on the Elite Four challenge and won. He was offered a position as Hoenn Champion, which he accepted. He became one of the youngest Champions yet, at the age of nineteen.

From here, his story becomes more familiar and into the territory of Pokémon Emerald canon.

After a year or so as Champion, he stepped down from the position. His official reason was that he didn't consider himself a worthy candidate for the role any more, but in actuality his reasoning was that he felt strongly that it was a burden. Whilst he was stuck in Ever Grande City, he was unable to travel and search for rocks- he felt hemmed in by the position.

Steven was one of the last to hear about what it was Team Aqua and Magma were up to- they were already underway with their plans by the time he found out at the Mossdeep Space Center. How he had gone so long without hearing about it could be pinpointed to his continued travels at the time. He was able to make it to Sootopolis City in time to introduce Wallace to a group of young people with the Red and Blue orbs. They were the ones who fetched Rayquaza, who ceased the fighting of the Hoenn Titans.

However, whilst Steven and Wallace were waiting for them to return with the Sky Titan, Steven collapsed suddenly for no obvious reason. It was three quarters of an hour before he came to, by which time Rayquaza had been and gone.

The event left Steven with a deep fear of it happening again. Seeing the world in peril and the Hoenn Titans awakened and to come so close to dying himself left him introverted and withdrawn, questioning everything he knew.

He set off on a journey around Hoenn, rediscovering places he'd been to and finding new ones. He decided to make the most of the world whilst it was still there, to see the sights and experience Hoenn anew.

After traversing Hoenn for a year, he set sail for Sinnoh. He changed his outfit when he arrived, swapping his black and purple suit and red cravat for a red scarf, long black coat and a purple jumper. Whilst travelling, he had started to let his hair grow out, as well.

Steven was in Sinnoh for around a year and a half before he arrived onto the Island. He arrived purely by chance- as he descended Mount Coronet, the dimensions shifted and he found himself on Escoris.

♣ Personality: Steven is generally cheerful and friendly, eager to talk to everyone and get along with as many people as possible. He is easy going and slightly naive, perhaps. He tends to shirk responsibility- this and his naivete are probably a product of being slightly sheltered and brought up in a wealthy household.

Steven's shyer side tends to emerge when he's frightened or nervous and he blushes easily when embarrassed. However, he will try weaseling out of a situation or trying to charm things from people if he thinks he can. He will almost always try and get out of taking responsibility for something. He can be devious when it pleases him to be and is not above being sassy and sarcastic to his close friends, or even flat out rude to people he dislikes, though there aren't too many of those.

Steven has a strong sense of justice and will not hesitate to stick up for people being bullied, especially his friends. He is a determined fighter in a Pokémon battle- he dislikes backing down or having someone go easy on him, preferring to fight until his Pokémon are unable to go on than throw in the towel prematurely.

♣ Steven's Team: Information on Steven's team can be found here, including species and movesets.
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