whisperingsteel: (hesitant)
Steven Stone ([personal profile] whisperingsteel) wrote on December 2nd, 2008 at 09:47 pm
[IC] No Return Yet
Despite promising himself that he'd return home today, Steven is still out, traversing the woods.

It's getting dark out yet again. Steven walks through this seemingly endless forest, the undergrowth beneath his feet crunches slightly as it is still a little frozen from the previous night's frost.

Steven shivers as he walks further through the damp forest. The previous night had been bitter and frigid- not at all ideal for sleeping outside in. He looks tired, as if he barely slept the night before. Though, it's hard to tell if it as because of the cold or from worry that he didn't sleep.

In all actuality, Steven does not look very well. He hadn't planned to stay out beyond just one day. The food he packed is long since eaten up. Lacking vitality like this, he moves with less of his usual bright, abundant energy and more as if he's starting to get rather weak. The clothes he has on aren't really designed for such wet, cold conditions. He is soaked to the core and in a rather bad way, yet he still can't quite make himself turn around and go back home again.

Steven must hate me for running away... I want to go back, but how can I now? How can I face him if I can't even face my own issues...?

Steven wraps his arms around himself tightly, still shivering. He looks around for another hollow in a tree to take shelter in. After almost an hour of looking, he finds one. He sits in it, curled up tightly. And just like the night previously, he finds himself sobbing hopelessly at the situation he's gotten himself into...
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