Steven Stone
01 December 2008 @ 11:05 pm
[IC] Rainy Evening  
Steven shivers a little as he wanders through the woods.

It has long since gotten dark. Through the trees and clouds overhead, Steven can make out some of the stars. He pulls his coat tighter around himself and fidgets with his scarf with one hand. In his other, he holds a torch, which gives him just enough light to carry on walking by.

It's so dark... I ought to find somewhere sheltered and stop for the night... I can hardly see...

Steven looks around and finds a concave in a big tree that looks like it would offer enough shelter for the night. He wedges himself into it, curling up tightly for warmth. He hadn't planned at all to stay out so late. Curled up like this, it becomes more obvious to him how wet the rainfall from earlier in the evening had made him. Steven squirms a little, feeling quite uncomfortable.

I can't go home just yet... I'm not ready to. Tomorrow. I'll go back tomorrow...

Steven fishes out what food he has left in his bag and eats quickly, as if he hadn't realised how hungry he was. When he's finished, he hunches his shoulders up and tries to keep as warm as he can. He shivers and brings his knees up, wrapping his arms around them.

Steven must be worried. He must hate me for running away like this... But... I'm not ready to face him again yet...

He buries his face in his knees, his shoulders shaking slightly as he cries cold, frightened tears...
Steven Stone
01 December 2008 @ 07:00 am
[IC] One Cloudy Morning  
Looking slightly groggy, Steven blinks as he awakens. He glances over to the clock- it's half past six. The room is still dimly lit, as dawn tries to break through the clouds outside. Steven looks over at his other half- the man is still laid fast asleep.

Steven runs his hands through his own hair a little and sits up. He hardly got any sleep last night for the anxious thoughts running around his head and the butterflies in his stomach.

I can't do this... I need to get away, take time to think...

Carefully, he slips silently out of the bed and dresses hurriedly, all the time keeping an eye on his other half to make sure he isn't waking. He drifts quickly into the kitchen and makes himself some toast and tea. As that is going on, he packs a lunch quickly- some sandwiches, a flask of tea, some left over birthday cake- and he packs it quickly into his bag. He eats breakfast rapidly, his mind still buzzing and worried.

Once breakfast is over, he washes up. Reaching for a pen and paper, he scribbles down a note.

He places it down carefully on the kitchen table. After a moment of consideration, he puts the engagement ring down on top of it, keeping it in place.

It's a beautiful ring, but I want to think about this without such an item giving bias to my thoughts... Besides, it wouldn't do to lose it...

Steven puts his coat and scarf on, then puts his bag over his shoulder. He takes one last look back into the room where his other half is sleeping and it's almost enough to make him want to cry, enough to make him stop this and get back into bed with him once more.

No... I have to go. I need to get my head clear and my thoughts straight. I'm sorry, sunbeam...

He looks away, then quietly leaves the house. As he walks away, down the hill, he wonders where he should go. He can't go the the Meeting Area. Instead, he heads further inland, through the woods. He glances back just once at the house- the sun is starting to rise behind it. Ahead, rain clouds are starting to gather over the trees and the forest is misty. Pulling his coat a little tighter around himself, he keeps on walking.
Steven Stone
30 November 2008 @ 02:36 am
[IC] Anxious Insomnia  
It took Steven a long time to fall asleep.

He and his other half both went to bed at the same time. The other man had fallen asleep first, his arms wrapped around Steven warmly. Steven lay in the dark, his head rested against Steven's chest, listening to his heartbeat. Now his other half is asleep, he is left alone with his thoughts.

He turns over, away from his other half. He tries hard to clear his thoughts, to settle down to sleep, but it doesn't seem to work. Flitting about his mind, like unpleasant butterflies, are all kinds of thoughts- the future, marriage, engagement...

Steven wonders if he would have given the future even the tiniest considerations if his other half had not proposed. Now it's all he can think of. He has never been one for thinking of the future- preferring just to live for the day and take life as it comes. But since the proposal, everything feels planned out to him, like he knows exactly the path his life will walk from that day forward.

T-the thought of that... It's absolutely terrifying. To have everything planned... How do people cope with their life so rigid and organised? I can't even think about it, let alone do it...

He turns over again to face his other half, looking for a moment as if he'll wake him up to talk to him. However, he hesitates.

Is this really such a good idea? What if... What if Steven gets the wrong idea? That I don't love him...? No... I can't wake him... It doesn't seem fair to burden him with this when it's my problem...

He shakes his head a little and sinks back into the bed, Steven's arms still wrapped around him. It is still a good hour or so before sleep comes to him and even then, he doesn't sleep particularly well for worry...
Steven Stone
29 November 2008 @ 01:10 am
[IC] Harbinger of Yet to Come  
Steven sits in the seat beside the window and looks out. His fiance, his other half, has gone outside to the Meeting Area for some purpose that he didn't elaborate on. That's alright- the pair of them frequently do this.

He sits, half leaning against the window with his back to it. He presses his left palm against the cool glass and watches the afternoon clouds scoot across the crisp blue sky, his other hand rested on the blue stone of his pendant.

Steven catches sight of the new ring on his finger and he draws it in for a closer look. It truly is a masterpiece- a really beautiful piece of jewellery. So... why does seeing it make him start to feel anxious? Why does he want to both admire the ring and look away from it?

It's a symbol of eternity... The circle is unbroken, a symbol of endless, undying love. Something forever...

He looks away from the ring, placing his hand back on the glass. He sighs a little and looks up to the sky. He watches the wind toy with the fallen leaves, throwing them about in a vague spiral.

I want this... I want to be with Steven so much, for as long as I can... So, why am I frightened? Why is this making me feel trapped...?

Steven shakes his head and tries to will these feelings away. They remind him too much of the unease he felt a week previously. It's no good- he still feels strangely anxious. His mind dances between his feelings- both a deep, incredible love for his other half and a growing, painful fear of the future. Suddenly, everything seems planned out. In just one gesture, he can already see what lies ahead of him, his future decided for him. Staying with his other half as his husband. Marital bliss with his beloved.


I... Is this... what I really want...?

Steven shakes his head a little and tries once again to forget that he ever had this train of thought. Some of it lingers with him still, despite his best efforts...
Steven Stone
27 November 2008 @ 07:36 pm
[IC] This Moment of Bliss  
*Hand in hand with his other half leading, Steven heads back up the hill to their shared home, excited at the prospect of him making curry for them both.*
Steven Stone
19 November 2008 @ 04:00 pm
[IC] Sudden realisation!  
*Steven has spent most of the day outside by himself, wandering off on his own mysterious errands. But the afternoon is starting to draw to a close, the sky turning pinks and blues in twilight, even though it is only about four o'clock.

In any case, he makes his way slowly up the hill back home to the house he shares with Steven, smiling a little. The thought that he's living with his other half is still something that surprises him, even now; despite that they'd already been living together for a month.

Perhaps it's because every time I return to our home, it's as if I'm meeting him for the first time, all over again...

He stops still when that thought crosses his mind. The first time they'd met...?

That was six months ago... That was six months ago to the day! It's our half-anniversary...!

With renewed vigour, he makes his way up the hill and pushes the front door of the house open to remind Steven of the occasion. He puts his hand in his pocket to make sure the thing he'd picked up earlier was still there, hoping it would do for a small token of his affection...*
Steven Stone
17 November 2008 @ 05:24 pm
[IC] A Certain Unease  
*Perhaps it was just the weather, but Steven could feel a certain strange oppressive electricity in the air. It felt heavy and weighed on him but he couldn't put his finger on why he felt like that. In any case, he had to get out of the house to escape it.

Wrapping his scarf around him tightly, he leaves the house and heads down the hill. Crossing the Central Meeting Area, he wanders over to the tall birch tree and smiles as he remembers meeting his other half there.

Oh, that's right... It's our half-anniversary soon! Six months... It feels like a lifetime and the blink of an eye at the same time...

He touches the bark gently with fingertips and lingers there a while, trying to collect his thoughts. Why did he feel as if it was the calm before some storm? Things were calm, weren't they...? He was happy living with Steven and for once, it was peaceful on the Island. Life was good.

Touching his pendant lightly, he looks up to the late afternoon sky; watching as it turned a crisp yellowish-blue and the wind pushes glowing clouds across the sky. He feels better for getting outside, but he won't stay long, as it's cold and starting to get dark.

Whatever that feeling was, it seemed to have gone...*
Steven Stone
21 October 2008 @ 11:51 pm
[IC] Moving In  
*Carrying one of his boxes in his arms, Steven fumbles in his pocket and pulls out a PokéBall. He releases Havana, then scrambles atop him with the box.*

Havana, can you take us to Steven's house, please?

*The Metagross lets out a low growl of affirmation, then hovers about a foot off the ground. He flies low and smooth and quickly. It isn't long at all before Steven is at his other half's front door. Steven climbs off Havana and pats him gratefully, before picking up the box. His arm twinges slightly as he does, but he ignores it as best he can. He smiles cheerfully, then knocks on his other half's front door.*
Steven Stone
19 October 2008 @ 06:54 pm
[IC] Thanks, But No Thanks  
*Steven makes his way out of his house and towards the beach, where he once stood to release a message in a bottle. He's completely packed now, part from some sundries like food, shampoo and clothes he'll need in the immediate future. But right now, he has something he wants to do before he can move in.

He stands on the beach and looks out to sea. Reaching into a pocket, he pulls out a strange misshapen stone. It seems to glow with an eerie iridescence as it catches the light, as if it is otherworldly. He doesn't trust this rock, not one bit.

Wallace had given it to him, saying it could summon a portal, and that he should go and speak to someone he knew. He had suggested they could give him relationship advice or similar. Steven had purposely forgotten about it- stuffing the rock in a pocket and not thinking any more of it. He never intended to follow Wallace up on that...

Steven looks at it carefully for a while, throwing it up and catching it idly.*

I don't want this. I never wanted this. I don't need relationship advice- not from you or from anyone. I'm happy how things are. I'd rather risk making mistakes and do things my own way than have someone else tell me how I should or should not love someone...

*After a moment, as the tide rushes up the beach, he throws it as hard into the sea as he can, as the waves rush back down the beach. He watches the waves ebb in and out for a while longer. Soon, it's impossible to tell where he even threw the stone.

Satisfied, he turns and walks back up the beach.*
Steven Stone
17 October 2008 @ 06:49 pm
[IC] The Moon's Dream Cure  
*With one hand rested gently on the ever present blue stone pendant around his neck, Steven wriggles beneath the covers of his bed to sleep. The stone seems to have a strange quality to it right now- probably because of Cresselia's protective dream spell. It seems to catch the light with subtle pinks and yellows, as well as the deep blue of the stone. He doesn't mind- he'd rather have that than the nightmares. Besides, it's quite pretty.

He curls up in the middle of the bed and settles down to sleep, trying not to think too much about whether or not the spell will work. In time, he drifts off to sleep, before sinking deeper into dream...*

It is difficult to climb, but somehow, Steven reaches the top of a tall tree. The tree itself is near the summit of a high mountain. How he managed to climb either of them, he isn't entirely sure, but he has. He stands carefully on a thick branch and looks around, taking in the view.

The tree is so impossibly high up that he feels as if he could reach up and touch the clouds with hardly any effort- he is almost at the point of being above them. The sky itself is a vast palette of colours as twilight claims the sun, which is sinking below the horizon to his left hand side. To the right, the moon has already risen and the first stars are starting to come out, too.

A landscape stretches out as far as he can see. In the distance lies the ocean, shimmering blue and white and gold with sunset. There is a snow-capped mountain range not too far away, their peaks seeming to be reaching for the clouds just like he is. Far below that, fields spread out in all directions, as if someone threw a green and brown blanket over the land. A river snakes across it, meandering left and right.

*Steven recognises this dream- it's the one he has that reoccurs every so often. He hasn't had it since Jirachi's flute melody put him to sleep a few months back, but it's a welcome change from the nightmare he's had recently...*

A strong, cool wind buffers against him, catching his hair and clothes. The whole tree shakes in the gale, the leaves making a sound that reminds him eerily of the ocean. It fills him with a deep sense of calm and he finds himself closing his eyes and spreading his arms out. He takes a deep breath and-

leans forward until he is falling forward out of the tree, heading earthbound...

He falls quite freely. At the back of his mind is the feeling that he could control the fall and stop himself if he wanted, but he can't quite seem to reach the controls. Still, to feel so free in the air, to be one with the wind- it is a pleasant feeling- despite the knowledge that falling carries the eventual plummet to the ground...

Like the last time he had this dream, something is different. The wind is missing it's usual bitterness. It brings with it the temptation of letting go and flying freely, as always, but it's a different whisper in this breeze. It tastes different- less like the harshness of winter and the chill of snow and more like the first rays of summer sunshine, of cool iced tea, of a steel-blue sky and the promise of rain.

Steven looks around as he falls, aware that something is different. There is something missing. There is a deep, unnerving sense to him that something is horribly wrong. But... Why is he only noticing it now? What is it that is missing...?

As the ground inches ever closer, something dawns on him. Realisation. He knows what is missing. Steven... He's alone in his fall. Even in his nightmares, his other half was beside him, but he's not here this time. Steven frowns slightly as he realises this. He's falling just as he always does. What difference does it make to the dream...?

All the difference in the world...

Almost as if to reward him for noticing, the dream takes a drastically different course than usual. Steven feels a sharp, ripping pain across his shoulder blades and he cries out at the sensation. And then, he realises he isn't falling anymore. He chances a glance up and suddenly the source of the pain is clear- from his back have appeared wide, feathery wings. The feathers shimmer almost silvery in the haze of twilight.

Steven smiles a little and manages to navigate himself back to the ground. As his feet touch the ground, everything around him tints to an almost ethereal tint of blue-grey. The grass beneath him flattens and turns into a stone platform; checkered in dark midnight blue and pale steel grey. The tree near him takes on a glassy appearance. To his right hand side, steel tables and chairs manifest, each table sporting a cheerful parasol. To his left, a stone structure sprouts out of the ground- the roof is domed and held up by columns, but it is open air and lacks walls.

Steven looks around as his eyes adjust to the colours and this new part of the dream. And as he does, he notices a figure sat in one of the chairs. It's his other half. Even if he didn't recognise him, it would have been impossible to miss him. The red cravat he wears is still a vivid crimson and it stands out against the steel colour of this world now, like a brilliant beacon.

He smiles to himself and goes over to his other half. It doesn't take him a moment to notice that he has wings, just like himself. Steven smiles and gets up as he notices his- literal- angel, walking over to him. Steven wraps his arms tight around his other half, glad to have him here, his presence a comfort. His other half smiles warmly and strokes his hair, before finding his hand and tangling their fingers together.

With his other hand, he tilts his chin up, then leans down slightly to kiss him...

*Steven drifts awake- outside the sun is starting to rise and birds are chirping outside. The spell the Lunar deity gave him worked. He smiles sleepily. He knew it would. He curls back up in the bed, mentally making a note to thank her somehow later...*
Steven Stone
12 October 2008 @ 07:16 pm
[IC] Not How Things Were  
*It's been over a week now since Primal Dialga struck. The Island is back to normal, bearing no signs of the battle that took place. Steven's injuries have all but disappeared- partly because of Jirachi's healing and partly through the healing powers of time. Even still, Steven finds that his right arm twinges with an occasional pain, especially if he's using it a lot. It's making packing to move in with Steven quite difficult. The bruises and burns have long gone, but this pain in his arm is a sharp reminder of what happened.

Steven's trying his best not to think about what happened. He went as far as to forgive Dialga and he thought that would be the end of it, but his subconscious does not seem as eager to forget, especially in his sleep. His dreams turn in to nightmares as his mind replays the events of that day, twisting them into parodies of what happened; until he sometimes forgets what did and did not happen when he wakes up.

After spending most of the day packing and getting close to finishing, Steven climbs into bed, quite tired. He shifts until comfortable, drifting asleep. Sleep does not take long coming, and neither does the nightmare...*

He finds himself back out on the battlefield, stood proud and determined atop his Metagross, Havana. His confidence falters slightly as he watches Dialga rampage, destroying everything.

Steven can see the others battling against him- Cresselia, Jirachi, Giratina, Ho-Oh. Dialga shoots down their every effort easily and crushes them beneath his great hooves. Steven tries to move, but he finds himself unable. He's paralysed to the spot- literally, not just from fear. He tries to scream as Dialga takes out others- Riley, Groudon, Latias- but it seems to catch in his throat. The Time God is sparing no one. He can only watch in horror as Rayquaza descends and is killed as swiftly as the others. The Emerald Titan who saved Hoenn isn't enough this time. And still, Dialga seems unsatisfied; he rampages, threatening to flatten and destroy the entire Island.

Steven just about manages a choked sob as he senses his other half behind him. He's frozen still and he can't even turn around to look at him.
"S-sunbeam...?" He manages to ask.
"It's me." Steven replies. He comes up behind him and slips his arms around his waist. Even here, it's a comfort and were he not frozen to the spot, he'd relax instantly into his touch. He shivers slightly, though, as Steven leans in close and whispers to him.

"Aren't you going to do anything about to stop this, brave and determined Champion?" he asks in a husky, mocking voice quite unlike his own.
"I... I want to! But I can't even move!" Steven cries.
"Not good enough," he replies, "I thought you were going to protect this place, protect us. But in the end, you failed, Steven."
"That's not true!"
"Then prove it," Steven taunts, as Dialga spots them. "You're the only one left. Look, he even got Darkrai and his beloved Palkia."

Steven gasps as Dialga stomps over towards him, letting out a roar of fury. He finds himself able to move, finally and he wastes no time in sending out his Pokémon and ordering them to attack. And in return, Dialga wastes no time in attacking them and killing them easily. Steven can't even scream- he just stands, watching in horror as the Time God fells his comrades.

"Time's up, angel..." his other half jeers, a sinister look in his eyes. Steven can't bring himself to look at him, but he can feel him disappear, dissolving beside him, into thin air.

In front of him, Dialga grows bored of being toyed with so and starts to charge his most powerful attack. As he gathers energy for Roar of Time, the gem on his chest glows and flickers, the fin on his back seeming to double in size. Steven has just enough time to look around frantically for an escape before Dialga releases the attack at him. The beam is such an intense, powerful cold that it seems to burn. The attack strikes both Steven and Havana and the pair of them are flung through the air, landing hard on the torn up ground.

Badly injured and bleeding profusely, Steven tries to move. As he does, Dialga notices. With a glint to sick glee in his spiral eyes, he lifts his hoof to crush him...

*Steven awakens with a jolt seconds before Dialga's hoof comes down to crush him. A cold sweat runs down his face as he breathes heavily from fear, gripping the sheets tightly in his hands. He lets go of the sheets and runs his hands through his hair slightly. This nightmare won't seem to leave him alone...!

He draws his knees up and buries his face in them, trying hard to blink away frustrated, bitter tears.*

((OOC- An edited version of a drabble I did for my 100 fic challenge, crossposted here. Apologies to those who have seen it already!))
Steven Stone
08 October 2008 @ 12:26 am
[IC] Time With Jirachi  
*Jirachi and Steven arrive on the beach, brought by Jirachi's teleport.

Steven smiles as they get there- he hasn't been to the beach in a while and it's a nice day. A cool breeze blows and the sea is reasonably calm. He sits down in the sand and looks out to sea.*
Steven Stone
07 October 2008 @ 01:00 am
[IC] Forgiveness  
*Steven wakes from lying beside Jirachi and his other half and stretches. The injuries he sustained fighting the dark Dialga were only just visible after Jirachi healed him and they barely hurt at all now.

He remembers what Jirachi had said- even thought Dialga had killed his little brother, he'd still forgiven him for it. Maybe I should too, he thought. Experimentally, he sits up and climbs off the bed. He's a little shaky at first, but soon gets his balance again. Limbs that were bruised and painful and unresponsive before feel light and full of his usual energy. He smiles- Jirachi's healing had done wonders for him and he feels like new again.

He wakes the Wish Pokémon and explains quietly to him that he's going to go and find Dialga, and forgive him. Jirachi smiles and shifts into his Pokémon form, then settles on Steven's shoulder.

Quickly, Steven writes a note explaining where he is and leaves it on the bedside table. His other half doesn't even stir. He must have been so tired, staying up all night to watch over me... Steven thinks. He watches him sleep for a moment more, before taking Jirachi in his arms and leaving the house...*
Steven Stone
02 October 2008 @ 12:34 am
[IC] Last Minute Preparations  
*Steven stands outside in the grass just outside his house. One by one, he sends out the six Pokémon he chose to keep with him to aid in the fight against Dialga, until the team are all assembled in front of him.

He smiles as he looks at the six assembled infront of him- Metagross, Lucario, Aggron, Cradily, Armaldo and Bastiodon- each of them chosen for their abilities to get the better of the Steel-type Time God.

Steven talks to the team, warning them of the battle ahead of them. Pep-talking his team like this is nothing new. He did so on practically a daily basis as Hoenn Champion. He warns them that this time, they are facing a very real danger and tells them to be as careful as they can. He asks them to do the best they can do and his request is met with cries and cheers of affirmation- they'll do all they can, it's a promise.

Steven smiles widely and thanks them for this, before returning them to their PokéBalls and heading back inside. Once inside, he throws his coat and scarf over the sofa and kicks off his shoes. He looks over at the boxes he's already packed ready for moving in with Steven slightly guiltily. He needs to pack more and soon. It's been over a month now since his other half asked him to move in with him and he still hasn't done it yet. *

When all this is over, I'll move in with you as soon as I can, Steven. I want this, so I should have done it sooner, but... I'll do it as soon as I can...

*Steven looks out the window to the twilit sky. He has no idea when Dialga will actually strike again. He hopes that he won't at all, but Cresselia had mentioned how determined to fight off the insanity Dialga was now, so he assumes it will be soon.*

I probably ought to try and get some sleep, then. If it's tomorrow Dialga strikes, then I want to be at my best...

*Steven heads upstairs and undresses quickly, dumping his clothes on the back of a chair in his bedroom. He picks up a bundle of towels and heads into the bathroom, before getting into the shower. He relaxes slightly at the feel of the hot water on his skin, but it does little to ease his fears about the oncoming battle.

Despite that he's sworn to protect the people he loves and the Island, he doesn't like the tense feeling waiting for the battle brings. He wants more than anything to get past the battle, so he can feel safe and relaxed around those he loves again in this place.

Feeling so tense reminds him all together too much of being Champion- always on edge for battle, always staying in one place, always being fiercely determined to win. He was so glad to be able to get rid of the title of Champion. It meant he could get away from the pressure to be the best, he was free to travel, he could truly relax. He's felt more relaxed here on the Island than he has in a long time.

As he rubs shampoo into his hair, he feels a pang of guilt as he thinks about the friends he's sworn so determinedly to protect. He's been so preoccupied lately- the fight against this dark Dialga seems to have consumed his thoughts. Steven realises he's been so worried about fighting for the sake of his friends and for the Island that he has hardly even seen the people he swore to protect lately. Jirachi, Riley, Steven...

After all this is over, he is going to find everyone and make a point of just spending time with them. Even if they don't do anything, to just be with them makes him happy. He'll do that. He'll pack to move out, too. And he'll make sure he does it, too.

In time, Steven finishes showering and gets out, wrapping a towel around himself. He dries himself then towels his hair dry, before getting into his pyjamas and going to curl up on his sofa with a thick blanket.

He wants to sleep, but all he can think of is the approaching battle with Dialga. What if they don't manage to retrieve him from his own darkness? What if he makes good of his threat to kill everyone? What if he destroys the Island? He shakes his head. No. He can't let it happened, he promised. Everyone promised not to let it happen and he'll believe in them, if they do the same for him.*

We'll fight together. And we'll win...

*He pulls the blanket tighter around himself and tries to relax...*
Steven Stone
01 October 2008 @ 01:01 am
[IC] Decisions, Decisions  
*Steven sits on the lounge in his house, his coat and scarf thrown over his sofa and a cluster of PokéBalls at his feet.*

Got to decide who to take with me, just in case... I need to have Pokémon with me who can do damage to Dialga if we need it...

Lucario is fighting type, so definitely him. I don't like to leave Skarmory behind, but Metagross is better at getting out of a pinch faster...

*He moves their PokéBalls to one side.*

Kabuto is too tiny to battle... If I take Cradily, Armaldo, Bastiodon and Aggron, then I have plenty of Ground types with me to hurt Dialga...

*He picks up the six balls and puts them in his pockets, before picking up the remaining four.*

I'm sorry, you four, but the ones I'm taking with me have the better advantage. It wouldn't be safe or fair to take you with me...

*Steven puts them away safely in his bedroom, then returns to the lounge. He puts his coat back on and winds his scarf around his neck, before heading back out to the Meeting field...*
Steven Stone
29 September 2008 @ 04:08 pm
[IC] Determined Worries  
*Steven pushes past a pile of boxes that half blocks the door to the lounge and sits down on the sofa, running his hands through his hair as he does.

He'd just gotten back to his house after Cresselia had called everyone to the forest to try and discuss the crisis they faced regarding Dialga. As he had listened to everyone's words, he could see they were all frightened and shocked. They'd lost the cheerful Dialga they knew to a vicious stranger with a murderous glint in his red spiral eyes and a cruel smirk on his lips.

The meeting with everyone hadn't made him feel much better about the fate Dialga had promised him. The Time God's words echoed in his head still and it bothered him greatly.

"I'm simply carrying out my plans, that's all.", he'd said, as if his cruel intent was comparable to something more mundane.

"And all that means is that your death won't come so quickly..." This bothered him the most. Would Dialga really hurt him? He'd considered them friends for a while now, the steel Deity and the steel expert... Would he really do that to him...?

For a moment, a horrible image drifts into his head- himself, laid glassy-eyed in a pool of blood in the Meeting field; Dialga stood over him, dissipating the remaining energy from a Roar of Time, giggling manically as a frigid wind catches his blue and orange hair... Those around him that he knew and loved lay slain, in much the same way as himself. A relentless rain starts to fall and it soaks the Island, but it does nothing to drown out the Time God's laugh...

"Everyone dies at some point. Some sooner than others."

Steven shakes his head, more determined than ever to help prevent this happening. Seeing the Hoenn Titans in his region awaken and start to destroy the world as he knew it had effected him greatly. To come so close to death, to be so near to losing everything... No, he couldn't let that happen again. Not here. Not now.

He thinks back to the information he'd read in Canalave Library, in Sinnoh. Dialga is a Steel and Dragon type... He takes one of his PokéBalls from his pocket and turns it over in his hands for a moment, before releasing the tiny Kabuto from within. The shellfish doesn't hesitate to climb up onto his lap, wriggling her little legs as she goes. He runs his fingers across her shell lightly, the smooth feel of it and her presence calming him slightly.

If he's a Dragon and a Steel type, then Ground moves and Fighting moves will be effective against him... He's probably weak to Fire, as well, but...

Steven thinks about the Pokémon he has- he has several with Ground and Fighting types, but nothing with Fire. Lucario has fighting moves; Cradily, Aggron, Armaldo, Bastiodon and Claydol have Ground types covered. He doesn't particularly want to drag his Pokémon into the battle, but if they could help in the fight to bring Dialga down, then he might have to...*

"...Ankara, what are you doing?" Steven asks the Kabuto, as she scrambles up him, climbs up onto his head and nestles into his pale hair.

*He lifts her off his head and wanders into the kitchen, holding her in his arms. A cup of tea might make him feel better. He can't do anything towards helping stop the Time God right now, but he's determined to be ready for when they need him...*
Steven Stone
24 September 2008 @ 10:03 pm
[IC] To Hoenn and Back  
*It had been several days since Steven had left his own dimension's Hoenn and arrived in his other half's.

In his own Hoenn, he'd made sure to tell his father and Wallace where he was living now. The news had been met with mixed feelings- he'd assured them both he would come back occasionally to visit and that he was happy where he was and who he was with, but also that he'd miss them, even still. Both of them had been surprised to see the other Steven alongside him- seeing two people so uncannily alike together was rather strange, after all, and it isn't every day people fall in love with someone who is essentially themselves...

In any case, Steven had gotten the fossil he'd gotten from Roark regenerated as well as making sure to pick up the Pokémon he'd left behind. The little Kabuto he had now brought his total up to ten- he'd have to be sure and decide who to carry with him when he got back to the Island.

Whilst in his Hoenn, he had been sure to take Steven to some of the more unusual places he had been to as he had traversed the region- the cave behind the waterfall along Route 119, the secluded island off the coast of Dewford he had found, the tiny oasis in the middle of Hoenn's desert.

Now he was in his other half's version of the region, and he had found it was not entirely different to his own. They'd visited his father, the visit playing out quite differently to the visit to his own- his own father wasn't under the impression he was dead. After that, they were free to do as they wished. They'd been shopping and visited places in Hoenn that his other half liked. Now it was their last night in this Hoenn before they planned to return home.

The pair of them sit now on Mossdeep beach. A light wind blows and the sky is a bright blue, wispy clouds streaking across it. It is very peaceful and the beach is quiet this late in the afternoon. The sea laps gently at the shore and Wingull bob up and down on the waves. Steven's shoes and socks sit discarded on the sand, as he took them off almost immediately.

Steven watches the sea from where he's sat on the beach and he picks up a small stone. He turns it over in his hands and admires it, before standing and attempting to skim it across the waves.*
Steven Stone
28 August 2008 @ 11:17 pm
[IC] The Thread of Many Little Things  
*As his other half carries him up to the front door, Steven slips out of his arms and takes his front door key from his pocket. He opens the door and lets them both in, before wandering into the kitchen.*

So, what can I get you, sunbeam...?
Steven Stone
21 August 2008 @ 09:25 pm
[IC] Twilight Subdued by the Soul  
*The sky overhead is preparing for twilight, but the clouds are low and make it hazy. The sky is a gorgeous palette of colours- pale greys and blues and violets. The light seems very subdued and even the usually twinkling first stars of the night seem dull this evening. Although the moon is full, it's barely visible through the mist.

Steven settles against a tree and pulls a blanket out of his bag which he wraps around himself. The Mismagius Giratina instructed to follow them has disappeared off somewhere for the night- Steven assumes she's drifted off into some shadow or other for refuge. As Steven smooths the blanket out gently, Garnet wriggles her way under it, curling herself up on Steven's lap. Steven offers some of the blanket to Cairo too, and the canine curls up beside him under it too. It isn't terribly long before they're both asleep- Garnet first, then Cairo.

Steven finds it harder to fall asleep, however. He still hasn't seen any trace of his other half. Garnet hasn't caught so much as a whiff of his scent, Cairo can't sense his aura at all. It's been only a few days since Garnet reported him as missing to Steven, but it's felt to him like much more.

It's only a small comfort to know that he must be alive. Steven is only certain of this because nothing has happened to him. He's alive, yes, but he isn't here.

He knows he must be exaggerating, but it feels to Steven almost as if he can only just remember what his other half smells like, how his kisses taste, the feel of his warm arms around him.
He clutches his pendant tightly. Since he left, he's felt almost as if his soul has ached with a dull pain. He isn't entirely sure whether it's a real sensation or something he's imagined. But at least, that's what it feels like to him. It feels so profoundly wrong to be on his own any more. It's exactly how he felt on his own brief trip away, only this time it's amplified.

He sighs slightly to himself. He's never felt this attached to anyone like this before. Before arriving on the Island, he would have thought nothing of disappearing away on his various travels for weeks, months even, at a time. But now, he can barely imagine it, let alone bring himself to do so.*

It's this Island, I swear...

*He rubs his forehead slightly. He isn't entirely sure what he means. Whether it be the effect of the Island itself or whether it's because he was something of an incomplete, wandering soul before his arrival, but... he knows he isn't quite the same as he was.

He wonders silently if something of his other half has rubbed off on him, if it's changed something of his nature now they're together. He smiles a little, thinking that perhaps this is why Steven left- some of himself has rubbed off on him back.

Steven pulls the blanket a little more tightly around himself and settles down to sleep.*
Steven Stone
14 August 2008 @ 08:49 pm
[IC] Undertaking A Rescue  
*As Steven prepares to pack supplies before going to look for his other half, the memory of packing for his own trip away seems unnervingly fresh in his mind. The thought of traversing the Island only in search of beautiful sights and something special as a present for his other half contrasts almost painfully against the reality of the trip he's about to undertake. All he wants to find this time is Steven.

He fetches a torch, some repels and an escape rope, then packs them into his bag, along with other supplies- food and towels and drinking water. Packing to go away is nothing new to him, but this is the first time he can remember that it was a rescue mission.

It feels strange to him to not be packing his beloved camera or the tools for rock excavation and for a moment, he's tempted to take them anyway. But after some consideration, he decides not to. They're heavy and would only weigh him down.

As it is, he's removed all the surplus trinkets from his pockets and they rest on his coffee table, along with the photographs and rocks from his own trip. He marvels for a while how much lighter his coat feels without them and wonders why he never noticed it before. His expression turns serious again as he puts back into his pockets things he knows he'll need- some tissues, his keys, his headphones and mp3 player.

He walks to and fro around the room, thinking of things he'll need and double-checking what he has already packed. Whilst he does this, Garnet watches him from where she is sat on the sofa. He didn't need to ask her to stay out of the way of his packing- she perched there and stayed out of the way by herself.

Eventually satisfied that he has supplies enough for his search and rescue mission, Steven stands, closes his bag and lifts it over his shoulder. He looks for a moment for the Absol's Pokéball to return her before remembering she isn't his.*

Ah well, I guess I'll have to keep you out beside me, Garnet...

*Garnet perks up at the sound of her name and Steven beckons her over. She jumps agilely off the sofa and stands beside him, looking up at him and ready to go. He thinks for a moment, then takes one of his own Pokéballs and releases Cairo, his Lucario. After all, both Pokémon are canine in nature- they might be able to sniff Steven out.

Not only that, but he knows that having an Absol and a Lucario with him will be useful. Absol are able to sense danger and disasters better than anything else and given the nature of the Island, he knows this will be just the thing he needs.
He remembers what Riley said about Lucario when he gave him the Riolu egg- Lucario can see things that others can't. They can see your Aura, your very life-force, wasn't it...? He hopes having them with him will help find Steven a bit easier.*

Garnet, Cairo... Let's go and find Steven.

*He leaves the house, Absol and Lucario by his sides.*