Steven Stone
23 June 2009 @ 02:25 pm
*Humming tunelessly to himself, Steven fishes around in the bottom of his wardrobe with obvious purpose. Nestled in his hair contentedly is Ankara and Tallinn sits on his shoulder, watching his every move curiously.*

They're in here somewhere... You'd think such a thing would be easy to find, but no...

*After a few minutes more of rummaging, he lets out a cry of glee and pulls a pair of blue flippers out.*

Ah ha!

*He stands up, looking triumphant.*

It's such a nice day and I haven't even used these for ages... I bet Steven would want to come snorkelling too...

*Leaving the room, he goes to find his other half, Kabuto and Sableye still in tow.*
Steven Stone
21 April 2009 @ 01:48 pm
[IC] Steven's Birthday  
*Steven is up before his other half, for once.

He scurries quietly into the kitchen to make brunch- bacon, sausages, eggs and fried bread for him, along with a nice cup of tea. He loads the plates onto a tray when it's all ready and carries it into the bedroom for Steven.*

Steven Stone
17 April 2009 @ 01:12 pm
[IC] Home Again  
*With the Sableye sat on his shoulder and the Glaceon trotting along at his feet, Steven climbs the hill to get home.

Jirachi had left him at the bottom of the hill and he climbs up by himself, grateful to be there again. Steven had enjoyed his company but found it exhausting, not used to travelling with someone. All the same, it had been fun.

He reaches the front door and knocks on it, alerting his other half of his arrival, before pushing it open and going into the house...*
Steven Stone
13 April 2009 @ 01:36 pm
[IC] Setting Off  
*The morning had started off grey and dewy, but by the time Steven arrived in the Meeting Area to collect Jirachi, the sun had started to break through the clouds and the spring flowers were opening.

With the Wishing Star floating alongside him, he wanders away from the field and out towards the coastline, treading familiar ground. Although- he hasn't actually been this way in some time.

The sea is a bright, crystal blue this morning, matching the cloudless, pure sky perfectly. It's so calm, it's almost like a perfect liquid mirror, so calm and motionless. The sun is just warm enough to take away the chill, but Steven wears his red scarf even still, fluttering in the morning breeze behind him.

He smiles slightly as he spots a familiar house in the distance- the one he used to live in, the one Riley now occupies. Remembering how he let his best man have the house after he'd moved out, he smiles and heads to the front door.

Knocking on it sharply, he wonders if he's the first visitor Riley has had at this house...*
Steven Stone
09 April 2009 @ 10:23 pm
[IC] So we're talking...  
*Steven waits for his other half in the living room, as he'd asked him to.

He'd mentioned briefly wanting to travel again, but not in any kind of depth. Now he had to tell Steven of his intentions and he hoped he'd take it alright. Steven sits on the sofa and Rey wanders over to him, climbing onto his lap. He strokes the Glaceon's soft fur gently, waiting for Steven, hoping it'll be alright...*
Steven Stone
30 March 2009 @ 03:12 am
[IC] Memory in Music- The Song of Sinnoh  

[As if he is looking for something, Steven is rummaging around in his black shoulder bag. It isn't easy to tell what he is actually looking for, if anything. Strewn across the floor are various belongings of his that usually reside in his bag- his camera, a stack of photographs, various rocks and stones and a small blue towel, and-]

What's this...?

[He fishes something out of the very bottom of his bag, something he'd forgotten was in there. It is tear-drop shaped and about the size of his palm. The item has the appearance of being wooden and is ridged; the colour is a bark-like brown and it has a nutty kind of texture to it. Drilled into it are several holes and it has the remains of a dried stalk at one end.]

Oh! This is...!

...The Chilan Berry whistle Steven picked up in Sinnoh. Chilan Berries are said to protect a Pokémon holding one from the effects of Normal-typed attacks. They are native only to the Sinnoh region and are hard to come by.

Steven remembers picking some up from Pastoria City and then discovering later, whilst in the city, that they could be cored out, dried and turned into a whistle. Actually, judging by the multiple holes in it, the instrument is much closer to being an ocarina.

[Steven smiles and turns it over in his hands, admiring it and trying to remember some of the simple tunes he learnt to play when he had it turned into an instrument. He raises it to his lips and blows through it. The Berry makes a strange, almost haunting sound, like wind through an old hollow tree.

He frowns slightly as he remembers one of the tunes. As it comes back to him, he puts the things he pulled out back in his bag, whatever he was doing is now forgotten as he focuses on the Chilan Berry. Holding the Berry, he goes and sits in the window seat, then starts to play a tune.

The song is short and he misses a few notes, but it's a pretty tune that sounds like the wind through autumnal trees and pine trees up by the snow line on high mountains. It carries back memories of cold, crisp mornings and brief, warm, Hoennian breezes on the coastline of Sinnoh; the scent of fresh meadow flowers and earthy coal from deep underground.

Steven stops playing when he reaches the end of the tune and sighs a little, smiling and looking out of the window.]

This tune reminds me too much of Sinnoh and of travelling...

[He puts his hand on the glass and looks up at the sky.]

It's been such a long time since I went travelling properly and I do need to find Steven something for his birthday...

Maybe... Just maybe... He'd let me go, at least for a while... I ought to ask...

[With that thought in mind, Steven sits and admires the Berry in his hands, trying to remember some more of the songs he learnt.]
Steven Stone
24 February 2009 @ 10:15 pm
Steven sits by the window seat, watching the sky overhead and the world go by as he is so fond of doing. Rey is curled up on his lap, though not asleep.

The sky he's watching right now is growing darker, as the sun has sunk below the horizon but twilight is not quite over yet. The sky covers the world in an inverted bowl of pink and purple and steel blue. Where the clouds catch the light, they seem to be literally lined with silver. In the distance, he can make out a flock of small birds in silhouette, flying inland. Possibly Starly or Wingull, he thinks to himself.

He turns his attention to the Glaceon beside him. His shimmery fur shines pinkish-grey in the dim, dying light of the evening and Steven runs his fingers through it, admiring the length and softness of it. Rey shifts slightly with a soft purr, before leaning against him happily.

As he looks down at little fox, he catches sight of the engagement ring on his finger. Holding his hand up, he admires the ring for a while, smiling softly as he remembers everything that happened because of it.

No matter what happened, this ring carries an interesting story, doesn't it...?

He touches the ring briefly, then looks down at the egg on his lap. It is wrapped up carefully in a thick white blanket, to incubate it. Steven peels away some of the blanket to have a look at the egg. It isn't moving or doing anything yet, but he wasn't really expecting it to be. Giratina only gave it to him a few days ago and some eggs take a lot longer than others to hatch. Holding the egg close, he rubs the shell of it gently with the blanket, just to keep it nice and warm.

I hope you hatch soon, little Sableye. I want to be able to welcome you into the world. It's exciting when a Pokémon egg hatches...!

Turning his attention back to the twilit sky, Steven leans against the window with Rey and the egg snuggled beside him.
Steven Stone
14 February 2009 @ 11:09 pm
[IC] Valentines  
*As his other half carries him up the hill back home, Steven smiles and snuggles against him, looking forward to giving Steven his Valentines present.*
Steven Stone
11 February 2009 @ 03:19 pm
[IC] Composition  
*Steven is sat at the window seat, guitar on his lap and tabs and papers strewn around him in the immediate area.

He plucks at the strings uncertainly, trying to remember everything Steven taught him so many months ago and wishing that he'd stayed in practice. Still, there's no time like the present, after all. He isn't entirely sure what he's doing, but he writes down the notes he plays, tinkering with them until he's satisfied.*

I hope Steven will like this, even if it is a bit rubbish...
Steven Stone
15 January 2009 @ 03:00 pm
[IC] Cast, off!  
*Steven is laid on the sofa with Rey curled up asleep on his middle.

He looks half asleep, but he is laid rubbing his arm absentmindedly. Once or twice, he tugs a little at the cast, as if trying to see if he can pull it off. He can't, of course.*

Hm... I wonder if when this thing'll be ready to come off...
Steven Stone
08 January 2009 @ 12:39 am
[IC] He Followed me Home, I Swear.  
*Stopping every so often to make sure Zero is keeping up, Steven leads his new friend back home to stay the night.*
Steven Stone
25 December 2008 @ 03:46 pm
[IC] Somewhere Precious and Unusual  
*For once, just once, Steven is up before his other half.

He slips out of bed and steals away silently into the kitchen. It's still early and he's glad- they have quite a long way to go today to see the place he wants to show his sunbeam. But for now, breakfast.

He remembers saying a while back that he was going to make breakfast someday for his other half and now he has the opportunity to. He pops bread in the toaster and water in the kettle for tea as he fries bacon and eggs in a pan. Soon enough, breakfast is ready.

Steven serves it up on a plate, then puts breakfast on a tray and carries it back into the bedroom. He puts it down on the floor, then leans over and wakes his other half with a gentle kiss.*

Steven Stone
23 December 2008 @ 10:16 pm
[IC] The Island Provides  
Steven sits in the spare room, wrapping presents and tagging them as best he can with his injured arm.

Where the presents and the wrapping paper came from, he isn't entirely sure. He had been meaning to go and ask Giratina for another dimensional travel pass, but since she'd come down with the Pokérus, he hadn't wanted to ask. In any case, he hadn't actually seen the Death God in some time.

So, in that case, imagine his surprise to find all the presents he had been intending to buy right there in the spare room. He hums a little as he wraps the presents, glad everything turned up like this.
Steven Stone
19 December 2008 @ 11:55 am
[IC] Paper Stars  
Steven sits in the window seat, a large glass jar sat beside him and a mass of paper strips on his lap. It's a struggle with his broken arm, but he manages to fold paper stars out of the strips and is working on filling up the jar with them.

Mind you, he only has about thirty stars in the jar and the going is very slow.
Steven Stone
15 December 2008 @ 02:54 pm
[IC] An Attempt To Be Sneaky, But Not.  
Evidently feeling almost completely better again, Steven is up and about. He wanders around the house a little aimlessly- he has it to himself for a short while and he isn't sure what to do with himself. He wanders into the kitchen to make a cup of green tea. As he waits for the kettle to boil, he catches sight of the utility room door and he stands, looking at it thoughtfully.

Steven said not to go in there because my Christmas present is in there... But I'm sure he'd have it wrapped already. There wouldn't be any harm in just seeing it wrapped, would there...?

He steals over to the door and ghosts his good hand over the door handle, hesitating slightly.

This will be okay, I'm sure...

Just as he is about to lower the handle of the door, he hears whining from inside the room, as if it came from something canine. He stops and pulls his hand back away from the door handle.

Ahhh... Sunbeam, that's sneaky. Setting Garnet up in there to act as a guard dog? That's very clever! I shan't look. It's not that long until Christmas, after all...

Steven turns and goes back into the kitchen. By now, the kettle has boiled. He pours the tea, then goes into the lounge to sit by the window.
Steven Stone
10 December 2008 @ 04:46 pm
[IC] Preparations to Go Out  
*Steven is sat up in bed today, looking much better than he did a few days ago. Evidently, the pains he felt inside have lessened greatly, as he is shifting restlessly as if bored and staring out of the window almost longingly.*

I'm getting bored... I want to go outside...
Steven Stone
06 December 2008 @ 08:31 pm
[IC] Shampoo  
*Steven is curled up in bed, warm and fast asleep.

After some time, he wakes up and manages to sit up, even though the effort of moving still hurts him.*


*Frowning a little, he runs his left hand through his hair. It's still muddy and tangled from his fall a few days back, but since he was trying to rest up afterwards, it's the first time he's noticed.*

Oh yuck, my hair is horrible...

*He looks around for his other half, contemplating asking him to help him wash it...*
Steven Stone
04 December 2008 @ 09:20 pm
[IC] Landfall and Broken Promises  
Steven is almost home by now. Like before, he's soaked and cold and tired, but he is nearly home.

He is stood on a fairly steep hill and in the distance, he can see home. The rain is falling heavily once more, making the leaves on the ground slippery and sending flows of mud and debris down the hill.

I just have to get down this hill...

Steven takes a few cautious steps down the hill, his pace increasing faster than he intended.

He puts one foot wrong and slips, tripping face first into the mud. The impact of his fall dislodges a large amount of liquid mud, leaves and several branches, triggering a mudslide. As the incline of the hill is quite sharp, the mud flows fast, dangerously. As it goes, it picks up momentum, pulling down more debris in the form of rocks and branches.

Steven tries to get to his feet again, as the landslide drags him down. It's impossible though, and it drags him all the way down to the bottom of the hill, throwing him around roughly.

By the time he reaches the bottom of the hill, in a flood of running mud, he is practically unconscious from the impact and the slippery drag down. He is covered in mud and the debris falling with him has injured him- he is covered in cuts and bruises and his right arm is sticking out at an unnatural angle.

Steven lies still for a long time. He tries to get back up, but putting pressure on his right arm is agony. He cries out in pain and falls back again, gasping for breath after the intense pain. After a while, he tries to get up with his left arm for support, but something inside stings with a sharp pain as he does. He winces and again, ends up getting no where.

W-what am I going to do...? I... I can't get up...

He lies in the mud, shivering with the cold and with pain for a long time.

Eventually, somehow, he gets an idea. He manages to fish one of the few Pokéballs he has in a pocket out and releases Cairo.

Cairo... Please... Get help. Fetch Steven. Hurry... please...

The canine nods and dashes off with incredible speed. Steven lies still in the mud, practically on the point of passing out.

He waits.
Steven Stone
03 December 2008 @ 12:51 pm
[IC] Didn't it Rain?  
As Steven walks through the forest, heading back home, the rain that has been falling endlessly the past few days eases up slightly into just a light drizzle. He turns his attention skywards, watching as it ceases completely. The sky is still dull, but somehow, the rain stopping feels like a sign of hope to him.

Thank goodness... The rain was cold...

He treads carefully- the forest floor is covered in wet leaves and he doesn't want to slip. He hopes he's heading in the right direction, too. He's trying to move as quickly as he can whilst still saying safe. After all, hadn't he promised to Riley that he would...?

Silently, he momentarily curses himself for not bringing Havana or Vienna with him. In fact, he's pretty sure the only Pokemon on him are Ankara and Cairo.

That's alright... I'll just have to walk.

In his mind, he tries hard to plan exactly what it is he will say to Steven when he returns. He'll have to apologise. A lot. This much he's certain of. He'll have to reassure him that he loves him more than anything. But after that, he's not sure what to say. He remembers back to his discussion with Riley and decides saying something like that would work.

Sometimes these things are best left unplanned, I guess...

Climbing over a large, fallen branch, Steven carries on heading swiftly for home...
Steven Stone
02 December 2008 @ 09:47 pm
[IC] No Return Yet  
Despite promising himself that he'd return home today, Steven is still out, traversing the woods.

It's getting dark out yet again. Steven walks through this seemingly endless forest, the undergrowth beneath his feet crunches slightly as it is still a little frozen from the previous night's frost.

Steven shivers as he walks further through the damp forest. The previous night had been bitter and frigid- not at all ideal for sleeping outside in. He looks tired, as if he barely slept the night before. Though, it's hard to tell if it as because of the cold or from worry that he didn't sleep.

In all actuality, Steven does not look very well. He hadn't planned to stay out beyond just one day. The food he packed is long since eaten up. Lacking vitality like this, he moves with less of his usual bright, abundant energy and more as if he's starting to get rather weak. The clothes he has on aren't really designed for such wet, cold conditions. He is soaked to the core and in a rather bad way, yet he still can't quite make himself turn around and go back home again.

Steven must hate me for running away... I want to go back, but how can I now? How can I face him if I can't even face my own issues...?

Steven wraps his arms around himself tightly, still shivering. He looks around for another hollow in a tree to take shelter in. After almost an hour of looking, he finds one. He sits in it, curled up tightly. And just like the night previously, he finds himself sobbing hopelessly at the situation he's gotten himself into...